Tamariki/ Taitamariki

Te Hau Ora Ō Ngāpuhi have kaimahi across a range of services that focus on the needs of tamariki and taitamariki including iMOKO health checks, rheumatic fever checks in schools, through to driver’s licensing testing, road safety and literacy. The wellness of this age group is one of our key focus areas as these years are fundamental to future wellbeing.

Champion Story

Toki Rau kicks smoking to the curb

Through our Toki Rau (Quit Smoking) programme Te Hau Ora Ō Ngāpuhi work with whānau to help them make one of the biggest changes they can make in their lives.

Last year Te Hau Ō Ngāpuhi supported 138 Māori in Kaikohe, Moerewa and Kawakawa to make a massive lifestyle change for themselves and their whānau – quitting smoking. But quitting smoking isn’t easy – in fact, it’s known to be one of the hardest addictions to give up – so the people we support through Toki Rau who do manage to kick the habit have really beaten the odds.

Megan Hepi is our smoking cessation service provider and she can’t help but smile when she tells stories about meeting new groups of reluctant potential non-smokers. When Megan met one of her new groups – Te Poutama Rangatahi (aged 16-21) – she showed up at the carpark to find most of them were smoking.

“They had no interest in quitting,” says Megan. But after an intensive workshop with the group, educating and talking to them and using her co-monitor, three of the group immediately signed up with her to start their quit journey, and three more were taking a week to decide if it would also be their journey. That’s pretty awesome – that’s why these people from Te Poutama Rangatahi (and Megan) are champions.


Top Tip: If you want to quit smoking, try and quit with a friend – that helps – or get a group together and support each other. Being accountable to people other than you or your Toki Rau coach adds an extra incentive.


To find out more, call 0508 TOKI RAU.



Breakaway Holiday Programme

This programme is designed for taitamariki between 12-17 years of age and is delivered during the school holiday period.

Taitamariki Transition

This service provides taitamariki with a gradual and supported transition from care to help prepare them for a good start to their adult lives.


iMoko and MaiHealth provide innovative models of free and/or affordable, accessible healthcare to whānau.

Rheumatic Fever Prevention

We have kaimahi who go into our local schools three times per week checking any child who has a sore throat. Throat swabbing helps to identify the problem before it gets worse.