When whānau are struggling with challenges or problems it can often become harder for them to care for their pēpi or young child. We have several services that cater to the wellbeing of pēpi and young children, including Family Start, an early intervention home-based parenting programme that supports parents and caregivers to look after and engage with their pēpi. Our kaimahi can start to take referrals when pēpi is 0 to 12 months old.

Champion Story

Sleep safely and soundly little Pēpi

Our Safe Sleeping Space Educator Shamwari (Sham) Civil reckons she has one of the best jobs in the team. She gets out to hang out with beautiful pēpi and teach their mamas how a Pēpi Pod can keep Baby safe while sleeping.

The Pēpi Pod is a simple but effective sleep pod designed to help pēpi sleep safely. New Zealand has the highest rate of death from SUDI amongst industrialised nations, with around 60 infant deaths of Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy (SUDI) each year in New Zealand. Māori infants represent over half of all deaths from SUDI, and Pacific infants also have a disproportionately high rate. Implementing and promoting safe sleep practices substantially reduce the risk of SUDI.

Sham works with whānau to teach them how to use the pēpi pod as well as other things the family can do to promote better, safe sleep for pēpi.

Sham finds she but doesn’t get to spend much time with pēpi because pēpi find the pod so comfortable that before long, they’re having a moe.

One young mama wrote on Facebook; “Thank you so much Sham for providing us with a Pēpi-Pod for our new addition to our family. It is so easy to use and takes that worry away.”

We tautoko Rylee’s mum – Sham, you’re a champion!


Family Start

Family Start is a home visiting programme that focuses on improving children’s growth and health, learning and relationships, family circumstances, environment and safety.

Outreach Nurse

Our community outreach services make healthcare more accessible for people with chronic disease who live in rural areas.